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Cosmetic Surgeon's Perspective on Sagging Treatment with ULTRACel Q+

Taro Makino

Makino Beauty Clinic

Taro Makino

  • HIFU

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Cosmetic Surgeon’s Perspective on Sagging Treatment with ULTRACel Q+

Thank you for visiting Jeisys Medical Japan’s website.Sagging, wrinkles, and other signs of aging become more pronounced as we age.
A certain number of patients say they would like to have a youthful appearance, but do not wish to go as far as surgical procedures.
ULTRACel Q+ is the answer to those needs.In this issue, Dr. Taro Makino, a cosmetic surgeon, will introduce the irradiation method using ULTRACel Q+ .

Reasons for using ULTRACel Q+

The reason for using ULTRACel Q+ is we need to address patients’ need such as “no downtime” and “don’t want to have their skin cut”. Sagging treatment with ULTRACel Q+ allows heat to reach the area around the SMAS, which previously could not be reached by RF and lasers. This allows for long-lasting lifting and visible changes. It has the advantage of less pain and complications.

Causes of sagging (05:05-)

Facial ligaments serve to keep deeper tissues, such as the periosteum, connected to the SMAS and skin.
When they loosen, hollows and wrinkles appear in the skin.
With age, the deep fat compartment decreases, while it increases in the lower part of the face, such as the nasolabial folds and around the mouth.
This increase or decrease in fat lowers the center of gravity of the face and cause it to appear saggy.

ULTRACel Q+irradiation method at our clinic(7:43-)

HIFU uses different cartridges depending on the target. The 3.0 and 4.5 mm HIFU cartridges are used in our clinic for treatment of aging. These cartridges allow for tightening of extensive membrane structure as well as contouring facial line.

ULTRACel Q+ seems to be more effective at higher power outputs.
If the patient feels strong pain, reduce the output.

Effects obtained by HIFU(10:46-)

With the tightening effect of HIFU, highest part of the cheek curve is shifted towards the head.
This is an example of a pronounced ogee curve, a symbol of youth.

HIFU + Injection|Case Studies (13:52-)

Further synergistic effects can be expected if UltraCel Q+ is combined with fat dissolving injections, hyaluronic acid or fat injections.  In order to prevent fillers from being affected by the heat of ULTRACel Q+, injection treatments should basically be done after ULTRACel Q+. ※More cases are presented in the video. Please also view them.

Conclusion | Advantages of ULTRACel Q+(15:10-)

Want to get results. Want to Avoid Post-treatment Complications. ULTRACel Q+ is the answer to these needs.
Among all HIFU devices ULTRACel Q+ has a very low complication rate. Also significant efficacy can be expected as you can see from these photos.
If the change in appearance is clearly visible, the effect of HIFU can be objectively demonstrated.
Patient satisfaction with treatment will be easier to obtain because there is less pain and complications.
As a result, it is expected that patients will use the clinic again and refer their friends and relatives to the clinic.