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Treatment Results with Needle RF

Naotaka Kobayashi

Sakura Clinic

Naotaka Kobayashi

  • Needle RF

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Treatment Results with Needle RF

Thank you for visiting the Jeisys Medical Japan website.
Recently, there has been a lot of interest in needle RF treatments. POTENZA is one of the treatment devices using needle RF.
It is the treatment of choice at many clinics as it can improve acne, tightening, and a wide range of other skin problems.
Dr. Naotaka Kobayashi, Director of Sakura Clinic, talks about the treatment methods and effects of POTENZA compared to existing acne treatment. Please take a look.

What is RF used for POTENZA (03:56~)

POTENZA is an RF device; RF stands for radio frequency.

POTENZA is used for a various treatments as the depth, range, and output of heat reached are adjustable by the frequency set. Thermacool, Thermagen are also RF-based treatments.

What is POTENZA(08:22~)

POTENZA can treat the following symptoms:

● Acne
● Pore
● Melasma
● Sagging

In addition to the above, it helps to improve multiple symptoms.
POTENZA handpieces are available in the following three types:

M Handpiece● Melasma
● Rosacea
● Skin tone improvement
● Skin texture improvement
AC Handpiece● Inflammatory Acne
● Comedo
● Whitehead, others
S Handpiece● Tightening (DIAMOND Tip)
● Skin Resurfacing (SFA Tip)

The tips are available in six major types. Tips using microdrug delivery systems are also available.

In Microdrug delivery system,the drug is automatically pushed into the skin when the needle is removed. Can push the drug deeper and more evenly than microneedling or Mesotherapy.

Conventional Acne Treatment (14:00~)

Conventional acne treatments have used CO2 fractional and ICON.
Those multiple treatments can be effective in reducing scarring, but require a long downtime.
Scabbing, redness, other symptoms remained, causing patients to withdraw from treatment in some cases.

New Acnescar Treatment with POTENZA (19:40~)

POTENZA treatment is recognized as effective in treating atrophic scars. Three benefits in particular can be expected:

● Wound healing process by needle puncture
● Coagulation and tissue regeneration by monopolar RF irradiation
● Tissue volume enhancement by PLLA drug delivery

Effects of POTENZA treatment (23:37~)

Case1 20’s female

SymptomsScarring on the cheek
Treatment methodPOTENZA (McCoom) x  3  procedures

● Acne treatment started in high school, remaining scarring was treated with POTENZA.
● Symptoms became unnoticeable, possible completion of treatment is in sight.

Case2 Teenage female

Symptoms Acne, scarring on the cheek
Treatment methodPOTENZA(McCoom) x 1 procedure

● Felt most of the scarring was diminished after one procedure.

Case3 Teenage male

SymptomsNo improvement after 10 sessions of Long Pulse Alex
Treatment method2回 POTENZA(McCoom)x 2 procedures

● Long Pulse Alex made the acne worse, but POTENZA made it less noticeable after the first session.

Case4 Teenage female

SymptomsPIE left after treatment of refractory acne
Treatment method POTENZA(McCoom)x3 procedures

● Acne became subsided.
● PIE became less noticeable with fewer treatments.

Case5 Female

Symptoms Scarring on the cheek
Treatment method POTENZA(McCoom) x 4 procedures

● Although effects have not been seen to date, they may occure more slowly.
● Some people may not respond well to the drug and may not see any effect.

Actual treatment (29:11~)

When making the agent, dilute McCoom and add non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid.The drug delivery tip is set up for 2 passes at level 10 to add thermal action, followed by 1 pass with McCoom applied. The guideline is 2,000 shots for the entire face.Needle depth should be 0.5 mm to 2 mm, depending on scar depth and location of injection.Downtime for drug delivery tips is short. Bleeding and crusting may occur as the insertion of the needle, but it will subside within 1-2 days. Short downtime means less strain on patients, and a high repeat rate.Some tips used have a drug delivery system, which makes them more effective than rival machines with respect to treatment of scarring.

Potential for treatment with drugs other than McCoom (37:09~)

Case 1 Female

Symptoms Scarring on the cheek
Treatment MethodExosome x 4 procedures

● McCoom has been effective, but the patient wanted to see further improvement.
● The use of 2 different drugs made the skin feel smoother.

Summary of acne scar treatment with POTENZA (38:24~)

Treatment of scarring by McCoom with a drug delivery tip may provide results that no machine has been able to achieve in the past. Therapeutic effects can be arranged depending on the drug to be introduced. Further confirmation of injection depth, the appropriate shots, and the treatment effect duration is needed.

Other effects (39:25~)


Shallow needling is expected to improve melasma.

②Redness, rosacea

Burning the blood vessels reduces the appearance of redness.

 The latest tips (40:20~)

①Diamond tip

In some cases, a painless yet powerful tightening effect can be felt.

②SFA tip

Contact-type RF treatment is possible.
Fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness can be reduced.

 Summary of POTENZA (42:36~)

Various skin problems can be treated by changing handpieces.
POTENZA is now popular nationwide and has been introduced in many clinics. Consider introducing POTENZA to your clinic.