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Personal lines designed by ULTRAcel [zi:]

Lee Jung Woo

ELEV Gangnam Clinic, Seoul, Korea

Lee Jung Woo

  • HIFU

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Personal lines designed by ULTRAcel [zi:]

Thank you for visiting the website of Jeisys Medical Japan.

LinearZ (ULTRAcel[zi:]) is a treatment for face lifting effect. By combining Linear and Dot Modes, the intensity of the irradiation can be adjusted to provide a treatment suitable for individual skin thickness and facial areas.

In this issue, Dr. Lee Jung Woo, President of ELEV Clinic, talks about the mechanism of facial aging and the customized lifting procedure with LynearZ.

Mechanisms of facial aging (01:00~)

Facial aging is most noticeable in the center of the face, which is divided vertically into 3 sectors. Changes in the lines of the ligaments here make the face appear older.

The fat compartment also causes aging. Aging begins around the eyes, eventually a significant amount of fat in the fat compartment of the midface drops. This is the cause of sagging. The fat of the midface is divided into superficial and deep layers by the SMAS layer; as the SMAS fascia weakens, the fat compartment also changes, which may also be a cause of aged appearance.

The components of human skin are different in each facial area. Before performing a facelift, it is important to customize the design to suit the facial area and the patient.

About LinearZ (ULTRAcel[zi:]) (04:45~)

LinearZ (ULTRAcel[zi:]) is a device that can be customized for each facial area and patient. It features less pain during the procedure and shorter treatment time.

In addition, multiple cartridges that can change the irradiation depth in 0.5mm increments allow tailored irradiation according to the patient’s skin thickness and area. By utilizing the cartridges, the following 3 effects can be expected in addition to lifting.

Fat Removal

Fat Propagation

Skin tightening

Average depth of the layers composing the skin is fixed, but skin thickness varies among areas and individuals, so the depth must be adjusted. Ulthera’s DeepSEE can adjust depth while visualizing skin thickness by the screen, but it is difficult because the depth of transducer irradiation is fixed and the pressing force must be adjusted to align the lines.

LinearZ, meanwhile, allows customizing the transducer depth to suit each patient in 0.5mm increments. But this requires experiences of the practitioner and the design on the patient’s face before the procedure.

Case studies of LinearZ (07:16~)

The following are the case studies of patients with LinearZ.

The patient was suffering from swollen eyelids and forehead wrinkles, but was very satisfied after the procedure.

This patient came to us concerned about nasolabial folds, with such good results with only LinearZ treatment.

This patient worried about her facial contours. The procedure was done along the mandible line and was effective.

Lastly, a case of a patient troubled by a double chin. The sagging is less noticeable after the treatment.

Many papers have been published showing that triple-layer treatment is more effective than dual-layer. Many physicians agree the combination of non-invasive RF treatment and HIFU is effective. With effects similar to RF procedures, LinearZ can be expected to stimulate the skin’s autophagic response, anti-aging, anti-melanin production, and wound healing. It is also recommended for patients who wish to improve skin texture and wrinkles.

Facial aging varies per area and per individual, and the required depth of irradiation varies. To obtain good results, a patient-specific design is crucial. LinearZ is the machine that can do this effectively.

The treatment (09:05~)

Designs are applied to the face before treatment. First, an X is marked on the side cheeks to avoid the procedure, as they may hollow out. Then design the nasolabial folds and the mandible line. Next, mark the cheekbones, orbital area and the lateral orbital area. For a double chin, line along the deep crease. After design is complete, perform the procedure in an upward and lateral direction.

Q&A (10:47~)

Q. Is the dot cartridge unnecessary if I have the linear cartridge?

A. Both are necessary because they have different effects on the face.

Q. What is average number of shots typically used and what is the maximum number of that can be used?

A. For full face treatment, I typically use about 1200 shots, which seemed to work the best for me. There are cases where up to 1,800 shots have been used, with no significant side effects, with satisfactory results.

Q. What treatment is advisable when seeking overall improvement, not just for a specific area?

A. Change the type of cartridge and irradiation depth for each area. When targeting improvement of overall wrinkles and elasticity, 300 shots at a depth of 2.0 mm in linear mode is effective, in my experience.

Q. Can Linear Mode be used for whitening treatment?

A. Linear Mode Depth 2.0 is considered effective. It is expected to suppress melanin, which is the source of blemishes. 5 or more treatments every 2 weeks are required. The effect is easily felt when combined with laser treatment.


LinearZ is a device for improving facial sagging and wrinkles. Irradiation depth can be precisely adjusted to provide a treatment suited to each individual.It is an easy-to-adopt treatment method that causes little pain and takes little time. Please consider introducing this treatment method.