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My Clinical Experience using D'Liv

Atsuko Yanagawa

Yanagawa Clinic

Atsuko Yanagawa

  • Needle Drug Delivery

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My Clinical Experience using D’Liv

Thank you for visiting the website of Jeisys Medical Japan.

We are pleased to introduce D’Liv, a unique drug delivery system that has been adopted by many clinics.

Dr. Atsuko Yanagawa, Director of Yanagawa Clinic, will introduce examples of daily treatments using D’Liv.

What is D’Liv (13:34~)

D’Liv is a proprietary injection device with two functions: microneedling and solution delivery.

As with POTENZA, Drug Delivery System and water light injections are available. But unlike POTENZA, it does not have the function of RF. It is possible to inject the drug into the scalp as well as the face.

The results of manual mesotherapy and mesogun injection depend on the skill of the practitioner. But with D’Liv, a touch panel allows for precise and uniform drug injection. Just select the mode and depth, and consistent results can be expected regardless of the practitioner.

Also, its stylish and compact design will not spoil the ambience of the clinic wherever it is placed.

2 modes of D’Liv|Pumping/Injector (16:32~)

D’Liv has two modes “Pumping Mode” and “Injector Mode” in one unit.

There are two tips (16-pin, 25-pin) for Pumping Mode; the one used in our clinic is 25-pin.

Uses the same drug delivery system as POTENZA. The skin is lifted by a vacuum and the needle is inserted precisely. Drug is absorbed evenly by negative pressure upon needle removal.

Injector Mode tips are 9-pin. 4 different types can be used depending on the pin thickness (32, 34G) and depth (0.8mm, 1.0mm). Once the needle reaches the set depth, the drug is automatically injected evenly. Efficient water-light injections are possible with minimal pain and drug loss.

Cases using D’Liv at our clinic (20:59~)

We basically use D’Liv for the injection of PDLLA products. We mainly use it to treat acne scars.

ECM and ACRS formulations may be injected; ACRS is heat sensitive and not suitable for POTENZA; D’Liv does not apply heat, so blood products can be injected.

Case: 29-year-old woman (20:59~) 

This is a case of a patient who received three injections of PDLLA preparation.

The effects of the PDLLA drugs take several months to be felt, but the reaction to the water-light injection results in reduction of pore quickly. You can also see improvement in pigmentation and transparency.

This patient was satisfied with the results of the second injection and requested a third injection with D’Liv.

Case: 38-year-old woman (Acne scar) (22:44~)

We also recommend the use of Hydrafacials when treating acne scars. By cleaning out the pores and then injecting PDLLA, new acne is prevented from forming.

The needle depth is 2.5 mm, which is within her tolerance for pain. The depth to the forehead is 2 mm due to the thin fat.

1 month after 3 treatments, the overall pores were tightened and the skin tone was improved. Also, redness has reduced and acne scars are less noticeable.

Case: 35-year-old woman (pores, Acne scar) (24:57~)

For acne scars, the needle is inserted as far as the pain can be tolerated.

In her case, 1 drop is as little as 0.008 ml, but it can be done many times; 2 weeks after the 3rd treatment, there was a tightening of the pores.

Case: 33-year-old woman (Acne scar) (25:51~)

In her case, the effects of RF and McCoom are seen to tighten pores and improve skin tone.

The application of D’Liv to the entire face has improved her acne scars. She is also pleased with the reduced formation of acne scarring.

Case: 41-year-old male (27:06~)

This is a case of a patient with thinning hair.

Exosomes were injected 3 times in Injector Mode, starting with a small amount of the drug and adjusted as needed.

Our methods of using D’Liv (27:29~)

Based on actual experience with D’Liv at our clinic, I will explain how to use different tips and how to determine the depth.

The use of tips (27:32~) 

Pumping Mode is used for therapies requiring deep insertion, such as acne scars, with Injector Mode for pore improvement.

We are not experienced in using 0.8mm in Injector Mode, but we believe it can be used under the eyes.

How to determine depth (27:57~)

Prior to the procedures, we will listen to the patient’s tolerance level (pain, bleeding, downtime). A depth of treatment is determined after assessing the skin condition as well.

I believe that those with deep acne scars often have thick and firm skin. In such cases, applying D’Liv may cause little bleeding or pain.

Injecting PDLLA products or McCoom softens the skin and makes it easier for the needle to penetrate. This may increase injection frequencies, so care should be taken.

Injection into the scalp (28:53~)

With D’Liv, drugs can be injected into the scalp.

I find that pumping tips are less painful, bleed less, and are easier to perform even with large amounts of hair.

With the injector tip, the injected area is wider yet more painful. Since the tip has a sharp end, pain can be felt at 2 stages: the moment it hits the scalp and during suction. In some cases, the large amount of hairs on the top of the head may interfere with the suction.

Those who have a lesser volume of hair and wish to inject a larger amount of drug, injections can be done with an injector tip.

Summary|Advantages of Drug Delivery System using D’Liv (30:25~)

Drug delivery methods have diversified nowadays. The choices have expanded from manual, mesogun, hydro-optic and laser injections. For satisfactory results for patients, different delivery methods should be used by the skin condition and the formulation used.

D’Liv’s “Pumping Mode” and “Injector Mode” can expand the range of treatment.  

Also, a constant effect can be expected regardless of the practitioner’s skill level. Precise and even drug injection is possible with easy touch-panel operation. Auto Mode allows for speedy treatment to reduce the burden on the patient.

If patients are satisfied with their treatment, they will want to keep coming back. If they are satisfied with their favorite clinic, they will be even more eager to tell others about it, which will attract more patients.