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Treatment strategy of non-invasive facial sagging- Considering the difference in the effects of 6.78MHz RF and HIFU -

Seiko Ko


Seiko Ko

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Treatment strategy of non-invasive facial sagging- Considering the difference in the effects of 6.78MHz RF and HIFU –

High-Frequency Treatment(01:33~)

Thermacool is a well-known high-frequency treatment for sagging, but HIFU has become more mainstream in Japan and abroad because of the high cost of Thermacool. Recently, HIFU and other RF devices that utilize 6.78 MHz RF have been developed, and there has been much discussion about how they can be used to treat sagging skin.

Sagging also requires anatomical perspective. Anatomical sagging is assumed to be caused by the drooping of fat and other tissues due to deterioration of the ligaments that anchor the skin and subcutaneous tissues. As we age, the soft tissues weaken and drop downward, making lines of the nasolabial fold, nasojugal groove, and midcheek groove more prominent.

Case study with injection treatment (03:54~)

Filler injections are drawing attention both in Japan and abroad as sagging treatment, and I find them particularly effective in lifting the midface. For those with noticeable sagging, injections into the white dots will lift drooping cheeks and give a clear facial line.

When the midface is lifted to some extent with injection and then the mandible and SMAS are treated with HIFU, sagging can be expected to be improved.

Characteristics of 6.78 MHz RF (7:20~)

6.78 MHz RF can firm the skin along z-axis because the heat enters the deep layer at a 2-3mm depth to the area called the fiber core in the subcutaneous fat. In contrast, HIFU applies heat in a fan shape at a set depth with the property of firming the skin in that direction.

KOClinic&Lab offers injectable treatment for midface sagging and HIFU tightening treatment for sagging due to fat at different depths; we believe HIFU is more effective for lifting and injectables for lifting and generating volume.

This is a case of HIFU. This patient was treated with the linear mode of HIFU to improve sagging from the mandible to the submental area. Linear mode applies heat of about 50-60°C to a wide area, which is expected to shrink fat. HIFU treatment is suitable for treating sagging over a wide area, but 6.78 MHz RF may also be applicable.

Cases of unsuccessful HIFU treatment (14:46-)

This is the first case of unsuccessful HIFU treatment. The failure was due to weight gain. Weight control is crucial for the midface because the impression of sagging depends on the amount of fat. An increase of 3-4 kg in weight can diminish the effect of HIFU treatment 3 or 4 months after HIFU treatment. Tell patients to be careful with swelling and weight control. Conversely, if the patient is too thin, the face may become hollow.

If the patient has little facial fat and unevenness around the mouth, the choice of treatment is difficult. Injection therapy to add volume to the midface can help reduce the appearance of sagging. I would further recommend the 6.78 MHz RF device, which has the characteristic of working specifically where there is fat thickness.

The 6.78 MHz RF device contracts the fat area and works on the dermis layer if the fat layer is thin, creating firmness and improving unevenness. HIFU can also be used, but it may dimple areas where the fat layer is thin. RF treatment may be suitable for those with less fat and unevenness such as marionette lines and sagging.

Characteristics of 6.78 MHz RF (19:05-)

The 6.78 MHz RF device is unique in that it shrinks the fat layer along the Z-axis. Also, for those who have little fat and marionette lines around the mouth and sagging around them, RF may reduce the overall appearance of unevenness. 6.78MHz RF also works on the dermal layer, which may help to improve the skin texture.

Oligio’s case(20:43〜)

Some case studies of Oligio’s ability to perform radiofrequency treatments are presented. The cases presented are the results of 300 shots of 6.78 MHz RF bilateral cheeks and under the chin, 40-70 years old.

The patient has prominent nasobial folds, but after the first treatment, the unevenness around the mouth is less noticeable. HIFU shrinks in the hit direction, so design is crucial. On the other hand, 6.78 MHz RF shrinks thicker areas and removes unevenness in thinner areas, so it only needs to be applied evenly and is relatively easy to treat.

This patient has been treated with HIFU for many years, and the results after 2 months of treatment with 6.78 MHz RF showed less noticeable lines and an improvement in skin texture.

About DENSITY(32:15〜)

The most unique feature of DENSITY is its combined monopolar and bipolar irradiation. Monopolar introduces RF waves into the body and heats the subcutaneous fat layer from the dermis layer. In contrast, bipolar can apply heat laterally to the shallow skin layer, which can be expected to tighten deep skin laxity and surface as well. Bipolar may have an immediate effect, which may increase satisfaction right after treatment.

DENSITY is also unique in its focus on cooling systems. If there is an excessive temperature rise, treatment will be stopped. Furthermore, the cooling level can be adjusted in five levels, making it easy for even the most sensitive skin to be treated. The monitor is also easy to read and set.

The above is the case using all 600 shots with monopolar tip . The face overall has firmed up.

There is also Eye Tip, dedicated for treatments around the eyes.

Summary (35:08~)

DENSITY is a device with 6.78 MHz RF effective for the treatment of sagging skin. Unlike HIFU, which applies heat to the skin in a fan shape, it is expected to have a tightening effect along the Z-axis. It can also be applied to various cases of sagging skin, as it is expected to improve the skin without making the cheeks look hollow, even for those with thin facial fat. Please consider introducing DENSITY.