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Treatment Possibilities with POTENZA

Yuu Yanagishita

Akasaka Stella Clinic

Yuu Yanagishita

  • Needle RF

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Treatment Possibilities with POTENZA

Thank you for visiting the website of Jeisys Medical Japan.

Skin concerns like open pores, acne scars, and low skin elasticity are depressing every time we look in the mirror.

“I want to improve my skin concerns, but I’m also afraid of downtime and side effects.” Many clinics have adopted POTENZA for such patients.

This time, Dr. Yu Yanagishita, Director of Akasaka Stella Clinic, will introduce her daily clinical practice using POTENZA.

About POTENZA (00:10~)

Potenza is a RF needling device that features a variety of tips, fully configurable settings, and a drug delivery system. No other needle RF treatment has this many interchangeable elements. So it can be used to approach diverse skin problems.

What is Needle RF (0:54~)

RF needling is a technique that inserts an electrode needle into the therapy area and transmits RF waves to another needle or ground. RF Features 1  —Induction Heating RF needling heats tissue by dielectric heating; as RF is transmitted to the tissue between electrodes, an electric charge is formed, which reacts and generates heat during the reciprocation.

In the case of humans, the things that get heated up are fat and water. RF Features 2 —Capacitance and Resistance Electricity flows easily through water and fibrous tissue, but not through fat.

This means that even with the same settings, the varying distribution of water content, fat, and fibrous tissue will change the way the heat is transferred.

RF Features 3 —Monopolar and Bipolar

With bipolar needling, electrodes are close together and hardly affected by the state of surrounding tissues.

But with monopolar, there’s a lot of tissue between the electrode and the ground, so results may vary depending on water, fat, and fiber distribution.

 POTENZA Treatment at Our Clinic (4:15~)

This device must be used based on the aforementioned RF characteristics.

POTENZA can change settings in detail, but it is undeniably complex by many variable components.

 Therefore, I will show you cases of POTENZA treatment in manual mode. We change the settings after 2nd treatment according to the skin condition and its progress.

Pores: Case Study(4:59~)

The entire face was treated for 3 months in a row. 2 months later, POTENZA was done again from under the eyes to the top of the mouth.

Pores are tighter and fine bumps are less visible. Dark circles under the eyes, the laugh lines are better, and the wings of the nose are smaller.

The sebaceous gland depth and downtime vary by area and skin type. We change the depth, irradiation method, and heat application based on the patient’s skin type.

Acne Scar: Case(7:04~)

The patient was worried about active acne and scarring. 5 sessions of POTENZA were performed. After treatment, there was little new acne growth and the unevenness was improved.

We mostly use McCoom for our drug. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties and reported ability to soften scar tissue, we actively recommend it to indicated patients.

Rejubination: Case(7:04〜)

A case in which various treatments ( pico-laser, pico-toning, HIFU, etc.) were combined with POTENZA. Her skin originally has many spots and wrinkles with photoaging, but they are gradually improving.

Due to the following advantages, S-tips are mainly used for needles.

2 electrodes are used to apply heat to a wide area. Thin needles allow delicate treatment with less pain.

Eyelid Tightening: Case (10:56~)

A case of eyelid tightening. The wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes have improved. We performed 3 Potenza treatments, including the area above the eyes. I believe that POTENZA’s eyelid treatments have the following advantages over other treatments Reasonable price of a tip for about 5,000 yen Shorter downtime than other treatments Depth can be controlled

Summary|Advantages of POTENZA (13:10~)

POTENZA, a type of RF needling, is highly effective since it can use various tips and settings depending on the skin condition and purpose.

A feature not found in other RF Needling is the ability to transmit RF directly to the target without affecting melanin. This allows us to approach various conditions other than pores and acne scars.

POTENZA is a treatment with no incisions and little downtime. It is a satisfying treatment for patients who want a customized treatment for their specific condition with minimal risk.

If patients are satisfied with your clinic’s treatment, you can expect further patient visits.