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Study of Facial Tightening and Volume Control with 'ULTRAcel[zi:]'

Yuu Yanagishita

Akasaka Stella Clinic

Yuu Yanagishita

  • HIFU

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Study of Facial Tightening and Volume Control with ‘ULTRAcel[zi:]’

Thank you for visiting the website of Jeisys Medical Japan.

With age, people often begin to worry about the loss of plump cheeks and skin laxity.

For such patients, many clinics have adopted ULTRAcel[zi:].

This time, Dr. Yu Yanagishita, Director of Akasaka Stella Clinic, will introduce an example of treatment using ULTRAcel[zi:] to control facial volume.

What is HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultrasound ?(1:10~)

HIFU, also known as a ” non-invasive facelift,” is effective in improving skin laxity. One of the most popular methods because it is effective without scarring the skin surface with little downtime.

Focused heat can be applied to the SMAS, fat, and dermis layers without damage to the other layers. 4.5mm, 3mm, and 1.5mm depths have become mainstream since Ulthera system was developed in the U.S. in 2004.

About ULTRAcelzi:

Let me explain the differences between the ULTRAcel[zi:] released in 2022 and earlier models.

Differences of ULTRAcel [zi:] from the first and second generation(3:04~)

The 1st generation ULTRAcel irradiation was dot-only, but a new linear cartridge was developed for the 2nd generation ULTRAcel Q+.

In addition, the 3rd generation ULTRAcel[zi:] has evolved in the following ways; Single cartridge, depth adjustable in 0.5mm increments.

Dot mode and linear mode can be selected without the need to replace cartridges.

About the cartridges(3:24~)

4 types of ULTRAcel[zi:] cartridges are available. The rightmost is for thicker fatty areas, such as the body and the under chin. The other 3 are for the face. The 2nd from the right is 4MHz and the left two are 7MHz. At the same power and depth setting, 4MHz can irradiate a wider area than 7MHz.

The effect of fat gain in HIFU (5:30~)

Last summer (2022), a paper was published showing that HIFU irradiation can increase fat in experiments using rats.

In Korea, there are already reports of HIFU irradiation for fat gain purposes with good results. More people are seeking natural changes,not wishing to “dramatically change their faces” or “inject artificial substances.”

Treatment according to the cause of aging (6:51~)

To approach natural beauty, aging causes must be identified and tailored to those causes.

If HIFU can increase fat, most of the aging problems can be treated with machines. Natural beauty seekers need not give up on treatment.

Verification|Does HIFU actually increase fat? (8:12~) 

I will present HIFU cases for the purpose of increasing subcutaneous fat. We have verified the following methods, which are actually practiced in Korea. We also use 1.5mm linear irradiation for tightening purposes.

According to Korean physicians, the effects of fat gain could be seen from about the fifth treatment, with most requiring 10 or more treatments.

Case:43-year-old female (9:34~)

Fat thickness was first verified by ultrasound. The preauricular region was irradiated to slightly gain fat, while the other areas to reduce fat.

The photo was taken 2 weeks after 5 treatments. In normal photos, little change appears to have occurred.

3D photographs show mild lifting and volume reduction in the facial lines.

Case: Male  in his 30s  (11:30~)

All the irradiation was for fat gain except for the tightening; additional irradiation was done on the temples from the 4th session.

Compared to before irradiation, the entire face looks plumper.

In the 3D photograph, volume increase is observed, including the irradiated area on the temples.

Case: Female  in her 40s  (12:30~)

6 irradiations were given for fat gain in the preauricular region and fat loss in other areas.

In normal photos, the sides of the mouth are somewhat more refined.

3-D photos show slight fat gain in the preauricular region and volume loss around the mouth.

Summary|Advantages of ULTRAcel[zi:] (14:05~)

If using HIFU for fat gain, the optimal depth and application should be selected based on each patient’s fat mass. ULTRAcel[zi:] allows depth adjustment and mode switching in 0.5 mm increments with a single cartridge. Simple to use, yet tailored to the patient’s symptoms. Treatment that appropriately addresses the cause of skin problems will also satisfy patients in the postoperative process. Patients satisfied with the results would want to tell others about it. The positive reviews will grows, leading to incresed patient visits to your clinic.